Silver Bullet In Belgrade (DVD)

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Silver Bullet In Belgrade - Overview

Another DVD most likely ripped from an audience recording ...
The picture on the left is taken directly from the bootleggers' website.

Release Notes

  • Label: Stellar Products
  • Catalogue#, i.e. Product Code: 3406
  • Format: 2 x DVD-r / NTSC (region-free)
  • Released: 2010


  • Comes in a DVD case with cover art and track listing
regularly (and partly at ridiculous prices) in online auctions. Anyway, these products
can be purchased directly with the bootleggers from their website at a standard price
of $12,-- each with free postage within the US.
  • Running time: 83 minutes


  • At least two further bootlegs with likely the same audience recording from this concert exist:
- A Comeback Of Sorts offering a DVD-Video of the complete show and
- Decades, which also includes a rip of the Wake Laserdisc.
  • Anyway, the Belgrade 2006 audience video (including a fanbase-produced coverart) and the Comeback Of Sorts thing
are circulated free of charge among the fanbase, see also the pictures down below...

Track List

Additional Pictures

- Please click into files for larger views -

A Comeback Of Sorts - Cover (overview)
Fanbase cover art for the audience recording
Decades - Cover (front)