A Comeback Of Sorts (video)

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A DVD-Video of the complete show at Sport Park Tasmadjan, Belgrade, Serbia recorded live during the Sisters Bite The Silver Bullet Tour.

A Comeback Of Sorts - DVD Cover (front)
A Comeback Of Sorts - DVD Cover (back)


  • This is an audience recording
and as such circulated freely among the fanbase.
  • Some alternative coverart with different title does also exist,
see the picture down below...
  • Beyond that, most likely the same recording
was used for at least two other DVD-bootlegs:
- one is titled Decades and does also contain
  a rip of the Wake Laserdisc;
- the other one is called Silver Bullet In Belgrade
  and gives "the full gig recorded from the right side
  of the park looking down on the stage".
  • There is nothing known in detail about the origin
of any of these bootleg recordings.
  • Released: 2006
  • Total running time: 81 min.

Track List

  1. Crash And Burn
  2. Ribbons
  3. Doctor Jeep
  4. Detonation Boulevard
    A Comeback Of Sorts - DVD disc
  5. Still
  6. When You Don't See Me
  7. Flood I
  8. Giving Ground
  9. Summer
  10. Dominion/Mother Russia
  11. Slept
  12. Alice
  13. Anaconda
  14. Romeo Down
  15. Never Land
  16. We Are The Same, Susanne
  17. This Corrosion
  18. Something Fast
  19. Lucretia
  20. Top Nite Out
  21. Temple Of Love

Additional Pictures

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A Comeback Of Sorts - Cover (overview)
A Comeback Of Sorts - Tray with disc
Alternative cover art from the fanbase for this audience recording
Silver Bullet In Belgrade - DVD (overview)
Decades - Cover (front)