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2017 Beautiful Days Square.jpg
2017 Beautiful Days Square Theme.jpg

15th Beautiful Days Festival 2017, Escot Park, Devon, UK

After Rock Oz' Avenches, the second festival gig in Summer 2017.

The Sisters played the Main Stage on Day 2 of this three-day festival, scheduled for 21.00 -
22.00 pm, right between New Model Army and Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls.

The festival, originally initiated by The Levellers marks its 15th Anniversary of existence
this year and sold out quickly. This year's theme is "Rock The Boat", inviting all pirates,
mermaids, sailors, fish and crustaceans to get on board!

Please check this thread @The Heartland Forums for upcoming reviews, photos and whatever might arrive ... ;-))) ...

Beyond that, you might find Beautiful Days here @Facebook,


15th Beautiful Days Festival 2017 - The Running Order
  • 'this is called, this is called get the f**k off my lawn' : Arms
  • 'that's a bit weird isn't it? this is nuts' : Summer

The Sisters of Mercy @Beautiful Days 2017

Band / Line-up