Sat, 12-Jul-1997

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Tour Logo 1997

Dour Festival, Dour, Belgium

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Distance Over Time Tour in 1997.

Other acts during this festival were for example Super Furry Animals, Project Pitchfork,

Sophia, Deviate, Type O Negative, Front 242 and many, many more.

For a full line-up list, please check the Dour Festival Offical History Page for 1997.

An audience recording and also some video from The Sisters show do exist and are in circulation among the fanbase.

Some reviews, concert photos and more can also be found at SistersTours/Dour Festival 1997.

Band / Line-up

970712 flyer.jpg
Festival Flyer


  Encore I
  ● First And Last And Always

  ● This Corrosion

  Encore II
  ● Something Fast

  ● Vision Thing

  Last Encore
  ● Jolene

The Sisters of Mercy live at Dour Festival on 12th July 1997
- full-show video with many thanks to sisterstekland -


Backstage Pass (front)
Backstage Pass (back)