James Ray And The Performance

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1987 - Texas
1989 - Dust Boat

James Ray And The Performance were the very own band of Sisterhood member James Ray around the time of the Giving Ground single release.

The band consisted basically of:

Between 1986 and 1989, they released several singles and an album with The Sisters of Mercy's label Merciful Release:

  • Texas (7") / MRAY38 / 1987
  • Texas (12") / MRAY38T / 1987

After that, they splitted and James Ray went on to form James Rays Gangwar.

See James Ray's Official Website for a listen to all of these releases

and an interview of Chris Sampson of Glasperlenspiel with him after The Sisters’ Bristol gig in 2003.

Lyrics and audio clips of songs by James Ray And The Performance are partly also available on this James Ray Fan Website.

See also our James Ray Discography.