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Carl Harrison on stage with The Sisters of Mercy playing keyboards
during a performance of This Corrosion on TOTP (Top Of The Pops)

Carl Harrison, also known as Karl Harrison, was the keyboardist of James Ray And The Performance, a band that consisted mainly of him and James Ray (vocals).

An early demo of tracks such as Mexico Sundown Blues, Dance and Edie Sedgwick was sent to The Sisters' label Merciful Release and the band got signed.

Between 1986 and 1989 they released several singles with Merciful Release. For more details on these, please see James Ray And The Performance.

James Ray did also form a part of The Chorus Of Vengeance within The Sisterhood, the invention of which secured the band name to Andrew Eldritch and made feasible the release of their one and only album Gift.

Together with James Ray, Carl Harrison appeared in various Sisters performances on TV in 1997, one with BBC Top Of The Pops and another one with Roxy TV. The song, which they performed on both occasions with The Sisters of Mercy (Andrew Eldritch and Patricia Morrison) was This Corrosion, originally written for The Sisterhood until Eldritch changed his mind.

The TV performance on Top Of The Pops is available here on YouTube, the one at Roxy TV here ... or down below for a listen and an impression ...

The Sisters of Mercy live @BBC Top Of The Pops 1987 - This Corrosion
The Sisters of Mercy live @Roxy TV 1987 - This Corrosion