Mexico Sundown Blues

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Mexico Sundown Blues - Cover (front)

The very first single by James Ray And The Performance...

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#s: MRAY52R (7") and MRAY52 (12")
  • Format: 12" single and 7" radio promo single
  • Released: July 1986


  • The 7" is a radio promo only release.
  • Runoff groove inscription of the 7" on side A is: "Carl Harrison is Great"
  • 12" runoff groove inscription: "That Groovy Red Helmet"

Band/Recording Personnel

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Mexico Sundown Blues - 7" Radio Promo Cover (front)

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Track Lists

Regular 12" Single

Track Duration
  A   Mexico Sundown Blues                                                                                      9:02
  B   Edie Sedgwick    6:23

7" Radio Promo Single

Track Duration
  A   Mexico Sundown Blues (radio edit)    3:02
  B   Mexico Sundown Blues (instrumental)                                                                 6:33