Fri, 25-Oct-2019

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Advert for the Australia and New Zealand gigs

Astor Theatre, Perth, Australia

After a fantastic set of gigs throughout Europe on the 2019 National Treasure Tour,

The Sisters Of Mercy arrived in Perth for the first of six dates around Australia
and New Zealand

The last time The Sisters had played Perth was in 2012 when they were headlining the Soundwave Festivals.

Support act: Nerve Quakes

Reviews and links to photos or videos can be found in this thread @The Heartland Forums.

This concert was recorded from the audience, see Perth 2019.

Astor Theatre Perth Logo.jpg

Band / Line-up

Perth Setlist *with thanks to splintered thing

The Sisters of Mercy, Astor Theatre, 25.10.2019
Dominion / Mother Russia (incomplete)


The Sisters of Mercy, Astor Theatre, 25.10.2019
Temple Of Love and intro to This Corrosion


  Our thanks go to the dedicated contributors of the wonderful videos here.

  Check their channel and you might find more wonderful treasures.