York Racecourse 1984 (DVD)

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York Racecourse 1984 - DVD Cover (complete)
York Racecourse 1984 - DVD Lightscribe

A video DVD featuring the well-known and complete concert at York Racecourse Festival from the early days of The Sisters of Mercy.

Various video and audio recordings have been circulating over the years. This one is the entire upgrade in both, video and audio levels.

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Recording Notes

  • Taper: Lasyboylive
  • Format: Dvd (4.19go)
  • Video Editing: Lasyboylive
  • Lineage:
--> Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 13.0
--> DVD Architect Pro 5.0
  • Equipment Video & Audio: - unknown -
  • Released: 2016


  • Total Running Time: 1:09:20
  • The full video can also be watched here @YT.


The Sisters of Mercy @York Racecourse Festival 1984

Track List

  •    Intro