Whistle Test Studios (2nd re-issue)

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Whistle Test Studios - 2nd re-issue cover (front)

A 7" bootleg single also known as Old Grey Whistle Test .

This is the second re-edition of the original Whistle Test Studios bootleg.

A first re-release often referred to as First And Last And Always - Marian does exist as well.

Release Notes

  • Label: Poison Door Records
  • Catalog#: PD001(3)
    The catalogue no differs slightly from the original release with an added (3).
    This is, however, not reflected in an adjusted catalogue# on the actual single.
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Date of release: 1988


  • Unlike the original edition and the first re-release, this issue is not numbered.
  • In addition and unlike the other two editions, the present release does not come with an inlay.
    Instead, the back cover is a b/w reproduction of the original inlay in reversed colours.
Whistle Test Studios - 2nd re-issue cover (back)
  • The picture on the cover front shows a forensic reproduction of a long-time unidentified man
killed in a fire accident at London's King's Cross Underground station in 1987.
For sixteen years, Alexander Fallon (72) was known only as Body 115.
At last, the whole incident did even induce a book been written about this case ...

Whistle Test Studios - Vinyl of 2nd re-issue (Side A)

Recording Notes

  • As on the inlay of the other two editions, the recording date is stated wrongly as 4th April 1985.
  • This recording features Gary Marx on guitar in one of his last appearances with the band.
  • Good sound quality

Track List

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Additional Pictures

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Whistle Test Studios
- Original edition cover (front)
Whistle Test Studios
- Inlay of the other editions
First And Last And Always / Marian
- 1st re-release 7" cover (front)