Whistle Test Studios

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Whistle Test Studios - 7" cover (front)
Whistle Test Studios - 7" cover (back)

A 7" bootleg single also known as Old Grey Whistle Test .

This is the original edition of the Whistle Test Studios bootleg.

Two re-releases do exist as well (see below under Remarks and Additional Pictures).

Release Notes

  • Label: Poison Door Records
  • Catalog#: PD001
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Date of release: 1988


  • Numbered limited edition of 1.000 copies
  • Print on back cover: "I dream of the dead days."
  • Comes with an insert giving the details of the recording
  • The two reissues have completely different sleeves.
The first reissue is widely known as First And Last And Always/Marian.
The second reissue doesn't have an insert and is not numbered.

Whistle Test Studios - Inlay


  • The recording date stated wrongly as 4th April 1985
    on the inlay, which was actually the date of the first
    broadcast of this feature.

Track List

For recent price developments of this and all other issues of Whistle Test Studios

see sistersbootlegs/Poison Door Bootleg...

Additional Pictures

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First And Last And Always / Marian - Vinyl (Side A)
Whistle Test Studios - View of the cover (back) of the test pressing and the first copy of the original edition and the 1st re-release
First And Last And Always / Marian
- 1st re-release 7" cover (front)