Wed, 17-Oct-1984

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Rock City, Nottingham, England

Other acts included the Skeletal Family.

This show has been recorded, see Live Bootlegs - Colours In Carnage.

The concert has become relatively famous because of the three attempts it took for The Sisters of Mercy to play their intro-track Burn and repetition Heartland...

Two photos from the gig and a still video

Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey
Andrew Eldritch
Still Video: Burn - Takes 1,2,3 & Heartland
Photo: Andrew Eldrich and Wayne Hussey


  • Intro: Burn - failed 3 times
Still Video: The Sisters Of Mercy - 17.10.1984 Nottingham (Full Concert)
as presented on the Colours In Carnage bootleg  * with many thanks to Mindphaser1000
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