We Are The Same, Susanne (7")

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We Are The Same, Susanne
- One-sided 7" vinyl single (Side A)
We Are The Same, Susanne
- 7" vinyl single - the unrecorded b-side

This absolutely rare 7" vinyl bootleg appeared relatively soon after the presentation of the
We Are The Same, Susanne video and the according MP3 files on The Sisters of Mercy's
official website in 1998 and despite The Sisters warning:

These clips are protected by copyright: (C) The Reptile House Ltd. You may download them
  for your own personal and private edification. All other rights of the producers and of the owners
  of these works are reserved. Unauthorised copying, lending, hiring, public performance, diffusion,
  broadcasting, distribution or sale of these works is prohibited.

So the track on this record was most likely recorded live by The Sisters themselves,
and it is very well possible that the present bootleg was made for personal use only,
as no other copy has ever been seen so far.

Quite different from the Greek Suzanne bootleg singles which have surfaced from 2011 on
in a variety of limited editions. One of the earlier produces from Greece, however.

Production Notes

  • Label / Catalogue#: - none -
  • Format: one-sided 7" vinyl single (possibly an early lathe cut)
  • Produced: in the late 1990s


  • This 7" vinyl single is recorded on only one side and comes with a large centre hole.
  • There is only one track on Side A, while the B-side is blank
  • The label on the A-side is plain white, while Side B doesn't even have a label.
  • The vinyl comes without a cover in a simple white generic sleeve.
  • Judging from its appearance and surface feel, this vinyl might well be an early lathe cut.

Track List

Side A  -  We Are The Same, Susanne               Side B  -  blank

The lyrics to this song were written by Andrew Eldritch, the music by Mike Varjak.
The song was intended for a single to be released, which never materialised.