Visions At The Forum

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Visions At The Forum - CD cover (front)

A recording from The Sisters' gig on February 13th 1998 at The Forum, London, England.

Release Notes

  • Label: SOMFO
  • Catalogue#: SOMFO 298
  • Format: CD
  • Date of Release: 1998


  • Cover note: Visions At The Forum, incl. 5 new songs
which is, however, also incomplete.
  • Anyway, the total duration of this CD is "only" 70 min.
  • The present CD was possibly produced by the same person
    who did the Victorian Night CD-bootleg as both show similar artwork and fonts.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Visions At The Forum.


Visions At The Forum - CD cover (back)
  1. Intro
  2. Kiss The Carpet
  3. Amphetamine Logic
  4. Body Electric (listed as "Body Electric/Detonation Boulevard")
  5. Giving Ground
  6. We Are The Same, Susanne (listed as "We Are The Saints, Suzanne")
  7. On The Wire / Teachers
  8. Will I Dream? (listed as "Dream")
  9. Dominion/Mother Russia
  10. Summer
  11. Anaconda
  12. Romeo Down (listed as "Till The Morning Is Gone")
  13. Temple Of Love
  14. Comfortably Numb / Some Kind Of Stranger
  15. First And Last And Always
  16. Jolene

Additional Pictures

Visions At The Forum - CD front inlay (complete)
Visions At The Forum - Disc