Valentine (Split Motive Postcard Flexi)

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Valentine - Split motive art postcard flexi set (both cards side by side)

A split motive art postcard flexi set featuring The Sisters of Mercy's song Valentine.

Another such split motive art postcard flexi with Valentine does exist,
see Valentine (Polish Art Postcard Flexi), and, of course, there is also
a BudKon standard flexi disc with this song.

Release Notes

  • Label / Publishers: - unknown -
though, the original postcard set might have been produced on the occasion
of an Irish-Polish cultural exchange initiated by Paul O'Neill and Magdalena Kardasz (more information on this see below)
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Format: set of 2 x flexi in (vertical) postcard format
  • Released: most likely in the late 1990s
  • Place of Release: Poland / Ireland

Valentine - Art Postcard Flexi 1 (back)
Valentine - Art Postcard Flexi 2 (back)


Side 1 (front side)        -      Valentine


  • These flexis come in disguise of an art postcard.
  • Art postcard flexi discs are usually recorded on the pictured front side,
the recording on them is in mono and runs at 33 ⅓ rpm.
  • The two here represent a set that shows two parts of a picture, each made into one flexi.
  • The picture is titled Wild Lovers and was created by Irish artist Shane Cullen.
  • On the back of both of these soundcards is a printed sticker saying:

Further Notes on the Back of the Flexi Postcards and Additional Details

  • Postcard 1:
The back of the flexi is plain white apart from the above mentioned sticker with the band name and song title.
Valentine - Art Postcard Flexi 1 (front)
Valentine - Art Postcard Flexi 2 (front)
  • Postcard 2
gives the name of the artist, the title of the picture and some information about the occasions on which
the picture was exhibited in English and Polish language as follows:
Shane Cullen
Wild Lovers, oil inks on canvas 1997
Namiętni kochankowie, olej i tusz na płótnie, 1997
Wystawa (engl. "exhibition") BEZ PASZPORU / PASSPORT: EXCHANGE (EX)CHANGE
Warzwawa - Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Zachęta (1998)
Dublin - Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Arthouse Multimedia Center (1997)
  • The above information refers to a cultural exchange along two group exhibitions
of Polish and Irish artists that took place in both countries and was organised
through CURATIONAL by Irish curator Paul O'Neill and Polish curator of
Warsaw's oldest gallery Zachęta of Contemporay Art Magdalena Kardasz
  • As noted on the back of flexi postcard 2, the exhibition was first shown in 1997
in Dublin, Ireland at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Arthouse Multimedia Center,
and the following year (1998) from 18th June to 16th July 1998 in Warsaw, Poland
at Zachęta – National Gallery of Contemporary Art
under the title BEZ PASZPORTU (engl.: no passport).
  • The participating (then) young and uprising Irish and Polish artists were:
Paweł Althamer, Shane Cullen (who created the picture on this flexi set),
Leszek Golec, Maurycy Gomulicki, Finola Jones, Jakek Koza,
Caroline McCarthy, Ronan McCrea, Anna Myca Abigail O’Brien,
Maurice O’Connell, Kate Orchard, Theo Simms, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia,
Mick Wilson, Mariusz Woszczynski and Artur Zmijewski.