Tue, 15-Apr-2003

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Tour Logo Smoke And Mirrors 2003

Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany

Part of the Smoke And Mirrors Tour 2003

Support act: Sulpher

For some quite bad reviews see sisterstours/Dusseldorf 2003.

Though, there have been other people as well. Here's a quote from an unknow heaven...

The venue was hardly sold out. Only a small crowd, no wonder, as The Sisters had headlined M'era Luna Festial
the year before and had been playing ten gigs all over Germany during Smoke And Mirrors of which this one was the last.
Philipshalle was as usual seated at the side rows but, hell, the place was so empty while Sulpher were playing ...
(not too bad, btw, crushing one's guitar at the end of one's slot does always make a special effect, though here, it came
quite in line with their perfomance. Good show!)

When The Sisters' intros started the "crowd" gathered front stage ... The sound was ok in the first rows, but Eldritch
in no good mood, performing somewhat from the end of an unnecessary rope although in full capacity of his expression
and cohesion ... challenged obviously by some clear difficulties with the sound and leaving with palpable unease into

the break for the encores.
Gig Poster

With the first encore, the concert changed completely and developed an absolutely convincing momentum which

ultimately peaked in Vision Thing. A gig like a struggle from deep despondence back to full strengths. Kudos to that.

An audience recording of this gig does exist and is in circulation among the fanbase.