Thu, 19-Mar-1981

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Flyer announcing The Sisters' support act with Altered Images

F Club, Brannigans, Leeds, England

Supposedly the second gig ever for The Sisters of Mercy in a cellar club in Leeds called Brannigans.

According to The Sisters' Official Gigography, the other band on that evening was Altered Images.

At that point of time, the "F Club" brand for events had already officially been renamed into "Fan Club",

while "F Club" remained in full use by the public as it shows in the review below.

Review of the gig from WOOL CITY ROCKER Fanzine (Summer 1981)

For further information on the F-Club in general

and in detail you may look here.


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  • There is not much known about this gig,
so any further information is very welcome.
  • Thanks to spiggymr7, we can at least provide
you with the Brannigans's flyer on the left,
and the gig review on the right side.

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