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November 1990
Poster with rescheduled date sticker

Sportpaleis, Gent, Belgium

Support act: Loud.

As the concert at Brielpoort, Deinze on

15 November 1990 had to be cancelled,

the tickets for that one were valid here

half a year later.

An audience recording of this gig was

made and the according bootleg followed

soon, see Gent Sportspaleis 16 May 1991.

Beyond that, a VHS video and two double-layer video DVDs exist, all of which show the full gig.

Another video from the show can also be found as a bonus item on the VHS video bootleg

Live At The Forum 5/9/00

Full concert - 1:28:08             *with many thanks to the uploader
Full concert - 1:29:51 (Cam 1)       *with many thanks to the uploader


 ● First And Last And Always

 ● Lucretia, My Reflection

 ● Body And Soul

 ● Possession

 ● Ribbons

 ● Alice

 ● Dominion/Mother Russia

 ● Amphetamine Logic

 ● Detonation Boulevard

Ticket for the Deinze gig

First Encore

Second Encore

A few pictures

- Please click into the images for larger views -

Lot of smoke on stage @Sportpalais Gent
The crowd cheering Andrew Eldritch @Sportpalais Gent
The lightshow effects @Sportpalais Gent