The Sisters of Mercy - London, Roundhouse, UK - 13 Nov 2011 (DVD)

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Alternative cover art (front)
Fanbase-produced DVD cover art (front)

A rip from an audience recording traded shortly after

The Sisters of Mercy's gig in London at the Roundhouse 2011.

Release Notes

  • Taper: Bootsy
  • Format:
    Video: DVD "VOB" format,
              MPEG-2 Program Stream, { 1 vid, 1 aud }
              Sys Bitrate: 10080 kb/s VBR, 720 x 576
  • Lineage: Trade DVDr --> TLH --> fanbase circulation
  • Released: November 2011


  • This recording is also available
    as a mere audio rip in mp3 (320khps).
  • Thanks for the fanbase-produced DVD cover art on the
    right hand side go to Heartland Forum member reverend.
    Thanks as well to Heartland Forum member PlanetDave
    for the alternative cover art.

NOTE: This recording is by no means meant for sale and produced for promotional purposes only!!!


Alternative cover art (back)
Fanbase-produced cover art (back)

Track List

  • Intro

Additional Pictures

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Fanbase-produced cover art (complete view)
Fanbase-produced cover art (with print marks)
Alternative cover art (complete)
Alternative cover art (inside)