The Interview - Sisters Of Mercy On Compact Disc

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Sisters Of Mercy on compact disc - Limited edition box

An interview CD box from the late 1980ies.

Release Notes

  • Label: C.I.D. Productions
  • Catalogue#: CID 001
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1989 (UK)


  • Limited edition box of 1000 copies.
  • The box has the size of a 12" LP.
  • The CD itself is stored in a jewel case.


on 24th August 1988, shortly after the Floodland release.

This reel, however, suggests November 1987 as the correct date of the interview.

Track List

 1   The Interview                                              15:20 min.


Sisters of Mercy on compact disc - Limited Edition Box (inside)
Sisters of Mercy on compact disc - Disc in Tray