Temple Of Love (1992) (DJ Promo CD Box)

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Temple of Love (1992) - DJ Promo Box (front)

The DJ Promo CD of the Temple Of Love (1992) release is - like the original CD - also available in a box.

However, the postcards coming with the original release are not included here.

Release Notes

Original CD Box Set with Postcards
  • Catalogue#s:
Disc - MR53CDDJ / 9031-77492-2 0
Box - MR53CDX / 9031-77492-2 8
  • Format: CD-single, Box Set
Temple of Love (1992) - DJ + Promo Box (back)
  • Released: 20 April 1992 (UK)


  • Not only are the postcards usually missing from this box
the whole issue is not more that a stripped-down original box
with the DJ Promo CD inside instead of the original.
Temple of Love (1992) - DJ Promo Box (inside)
  • This does also show in the fact that the box comes with the
same barcode on the back (i.e. 0 9031-77492-2 8) - simply
crossed out with a black marker here.
  • The disc itself is a black DJ Promo copy without the silver rim
of the standard issues and it is stored without a further jewel case
in a plastic mould fitted into the lower part of the box.

Production and Copyright Notes

Additional Production Temple Of Love (1992) by Ian Stanley 
except Track 4 - Eldritch/Eldritch/Bruhn
except Track 1 - Copyright Control 
Tracks 2, 3 and 4 - 1991 ℗ Warner Music UK Ltd. , 1992 ℗ Warner Music UK Ltd. 
  • The Copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Warner Music UK Ltd, a Time Warner Company.
Unauthorised copying,, hiring, lending public performance and broadcasting of this CD is prohibited!

Track List

Track    Version Duration   
 1   Temple Of Love    (1992)    4:40       
 2   I Was Wrong    (American Fade)    3:12
 3   Vision Thing    (Canadian Club Mix)        7:32
 4   When You Don't See Me      (German Release)    4:45