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Interview with the Bootleggers

Hello, this new bootleg is clearly an outstanding release. What gave you the idea for an elaborated bootleg as this one definitely is?
Well, at any rate we wanted to make something special with a focus on Andi's quotes and remarks. And so we included the interviews to the record.
The result may be good or bad. There has, however, never been made anything like this before.

Beyond that, we intended to create something that is not like the many other bootlegs. Teenage Angst is a new product and was therefore meant to differ
from the thousands of Greek or Australian lathe-cuts out there nowadays. For this reason, we also decided against coloured or multicoloured vinyl.
No numbering, no special edition or what other marketing incentives are applied these days. Just 20 original vinyl bootlegs.

Furthermore, we wanted the cover to differ from other bootlegs as well. So we added a fully printed inner sleeve.
As far as I am aware, this is the only Sisters bootleg with an inner sleeve.

Oh yes, that surely is unique. What first captured our attention is the materials used for the cover art. And the letters of the font, above all.
We think it's gorgeous that one can haptically perceive them on the cover at a touch. That's just awesome. What are they made of?

The printed cover art stickers are made of vinyl and so are the letters of the font. These are adhesive letters, kiss-cut with a plotter from a sheet of vinyl,
then pre-spaced and placed onto pre-masked transfer tape. When the back liner is peeled off, the tape as a whole is applied to the intended surface.
Due pressure to the front of the pre-mask side will fix the adhesive letters firmly to the surface. Now the pre-mask is removed and only the letters remain
in place. The same was done with the printed vinyl image stickers.

And the vinyl, too. It looks so super clear and transparent! Is it 180g, actually?
Yes, 180g clear transparent vinyl.

But what song is there at the beginning of the LP? Doesn't sound like The Sisters?
It's the beginning of Cientos de Mentiras (Lots of Lies) by Deluxe, a Spanish indie pop band of the 1990s. We love them and we thought that song
rather suitable as an intro.

And why the quiz?
Nowadays, collecting vinyl is no longer a matter of devotion, passion or need; it has become a question of money and greed, rather.

Some (long-term Sisters fans) might remember how it was to travel to another city looking for bootlegs at a record exchange, or how during a stopover
in London we ran to Camden to trawl through all the record stores there, while our friends and girlfriends were heading down to the River Thames to see
the Tower Bridge. On one occasion, I even borrowed money from my English teacher to get hold of the "Adult Movies"...

Nowadays, vinyl records are only just a click away, though, at certainly ten times the cost. Should record collecting have become an exclusive hobby
for only the rich and no longer be affordable for music and vinyl aficionados and aficionadas?! In this view, we decided to create a rarity available only
to actual fans of The Sisters, no matter whether they are rich or poor. And a quiz seemed an appropriate solution to us.

But how did you finance Teenage Angst then?
Well, for the moment, rhay creations have advanced the cash. There is, however, a plan according to which we are going to regain the cost over the
coming months or years. We've simply increased the prices of all other rhay products slightly. If our plan works out properly, we'll be back in the black
as soon as all these records are sold.

You say "plan". So this is in fact the masterplan?
Yes, "Teenage Angst" is the masterplan bootleg - fincanced through the sale of all the other records.

What is the "Something Sensitive" bootleg? Is there any chance to purchase it?
"Something Sensitive" was the very first bootleg we ever produced, long before any sort of masterplan has came to our mind. We made only very few of it
to check out how and whether lathe-cut production would work. After all, it has become a really beautiful record, in our humble opinion, not only because
the Nijmegen concert is just so insanely great, but also because we love the idea of The Sisters' head-and-star logo subsided in smoke on a stitched and
embossed plastic cover. That also makes it rather original in our view and we're really pleased with the result.
As only very few were made, there is unfortunaley none of them left for sale.

Can we reckon on more records being released by rhay creations in the future?'
Well, there are, of course, plenty good ideas, while money is tight. Let's see...

Thank you very much for this extensive interview. It's been a pleasure talking to you ... :-)))...
A great many thanks to you, too. The pleasure's all on our side ... ;-))) ...