Sun, 22-Mar-1981

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Tiffany's, Merrion Centre, Leeds, England

This concert is listed in the Official Gigography

and one of the seven known gigs of The Sisters of Mercy in 1981/2 with the F-Club events series in Leeds.

The event came under the header ROCKAROUND ALL DAY, subtitled with

12 local groups and 5 poets rock and read for "The International Year of The Disabled Person".

The bands listed to play on that day were announced as follows:

  1. THE START - A new young band to open the show!
  2. A NEW OPERA - Leeds most depressing band - must be seen to be believed!
  3. SISTERS of MERCY - Mercifully Released - Here to save your soul! - Well, we all know where this has led to and what has become of it ... ;-))) ...
  4. the Munroes - Hard-working Leeds band with an even harder approach! - Apparently, they didn't go all that far and long, but they are mentioned with a few gigs in 80/81 on page 7 of the Forgotten Pop Bands of Leeds thread in the wonderful SecretLeeds Forums. As it seems, there is also a video of them on YT playing a track called Rainbow Sun.
  5. DALE HARGREAVES' FLAMINGOS - Frontman with The Vye and his popular new band. - In this constellation the band would later release a 7" single titled Scared To Death.
  6. THE AUSTRALIANS - Anything you can play - They can play it standing on their heads!! - A band from Liverpool including a certain Tommy Scott.
  7. KEEPING DARK - Ada Wilson and crew "carry the candle" for Wakefield! - Their recent L.P. "Tattoo Hosts Vision On!" - Keeping Dark were also know as the rhythm section of Just Frank. Steve Smith, the bass player of the latter band, would later become a founding member of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry and also appear on vocals with the Ghost Dance track Heart Full Of Soul.
  8. THE SQUARES - New single "Buddy Holly" out now on Hype Records - More to follow!" - This Leeds-based band was maily active from 1978-1981 and is listed @discogs as well as the aforementioned single including some pretty pictures of the item with sketches showing the band members at the time. The song "Buddy Holly" and other stuff by The Squares is available @YouTube for a listen.
  9. KNIFE EDGE - Could this be the year of "no hassle"? - Leeds-based punk band who issued one 7" single in 1980 and included Mark Sweeney, original singer of the early Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. He left, however, before any records were released.
  10. the Expelaires - "To See You", - "Sympathy", - More To Come! Leeds most promising band. One day they'll pay up!! Despite these promises, the band would resolve soon afterwards and keyboardist Craig Adams would leave to play bass with The Sisters of Mercy, while guitarist David Wolfenden would join Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.
  11. ROCKABILLY REBELS - Leeds Top Rockabilly Group - New Album Out Now! - Could it be, they still exist?
  12. BOADICEAN - Reggae with a distinctive sound! - We've found nothing about them on discogs or elsewhere in our usual sources, but they are mentioned under the name of "BODICEAN" on page 3 of this lovely old Leeds Uni Student News as "Leeds Best Reggae Band" ...

Anyway, here is the link to the original lovely announcement for this event *** on the Facebook Page of John F Keenan, founder of the F-Club events in Leeds.

 *** from where we have (more or less) shamefully snipped the announcement picture here, hoping that John F Keenan does forgive us for the sake of worldwide information ...

1980 - the first band logo as on the The Damage Done single


(most likely)


- This concert was not recorded, so the setlist is unknown to us, though very likely it consisted of:

  1. Teachers - cover original by Leonard Cohen
  2. The Damage Done
  3. Watch
  4. Good Things
  5. Adrenochrome
  6. 1969 - cover origignal by The Stooges
  7. Sister Ray - cover origignal by The Velvet Underground