Some Boys Wander By Mistake

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Third version with white cover

A quote of unknown origin:

"It's a collection of rare single versions and b-sides".

Whether or not you consider these particular singles rare, it sure is a collection of B-sides,

which never made their way onto the official Some Girls Wander By Mistake album.

Release Notes

  • Label: Merciful Release (allegedly)
  • Catalogue#: MR 96
  • Format: CD
  • Time of Release: 1996

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  • There is no record company name or year printed anywhere.
  • Released in various versions, three of which seem more initial than others.
    The different versions are detailed here definitely not in any chronological order.
  • In addition, those more "official" editions have been copied and sold in online auctions worldwide.
  • The first edition comes as a digipac and features the 15 tracks listed below.
    This one seems to be the original bootleg.
  • The second one gives only the first 12 tracks.
    It comes in a red cover and the disc itself is black.
    Matrix / Runout: 400.942 SOM
  • The next issue has a red CD.


  • and 15 from More cd single.

Track List