Sat, 17-Mar-2001

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Ticket (front & back)

Coliseu, Porto, Portugal

This final gig of The Sisters' Exxile On Euphoria Tour in 2001 came with a pleasant three encores.

Rumour has it that the envisaged support act (Phantom Vision) were not allowed to perform

because Eldritch allegedly found them "too goth".

Further information about these events plus some reviews of the show and a little more

can be found at SistersTours 2001/03/17, Coliseu, Oporto, Portugal

An edited audience recording from the gig does exist as well and is in circulation among the fanbase.

Flyer for the Aftershow Party (front)


Band Line-up 2001-2003 Graustufen.jpg
Flyer for the Aftershow Party (back)

First Encore


Second Encore

Third Encore

  • Our thanks for the pictures of the aftershow flyer go to dtsom.