Red Skies Disappear (7")

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Red Skies Disappear - Cover (front)

A pretty 7" vinyl edition ... though apparently a lot of things went wrong ... ;-) ...

Release Notes

  • Label:
  • Catalogue#: DG001
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: ca. 1988


Side A -   Red Skies Disappear             Side B -   Marian (instrumental)


  • Both tracks are demos.

ELEKTRA Promo Card 1988
  - Andrew Eldritch    - Patricia Morrison


  • Limited edition of originally 250-300 copies
The quality of the pressing was rather poor and had the recording on the vinyls run too slow.
A large number of records were destroyed only 50-120 copies are said to be left.
  • Black vinyls with plain white labels
  • Run-out etching on Side A only: DG001
  • The record come in a thin paper cover with a b/w picture of Andrew Eldritch on the front;
the latter was taken from an ELEKTRA Promo Card of 1988, although, the demo tracks used
for this release were recorded much earlier, years before Patricia Morrison joined the band.
  • Unfortunately, part of these covers did also lack quality production. Some of them were cut
in the wrong place and glued on the cover front instead of the side.
Red Skies Disappear - Badly glued cover (front)

Additional Pictures

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Red Skies Disappear Cover Back.jpg
Red Skies Disappear Vinyl Side A.jpg
Red Skies Disappear Vinyl Side B.jpg
RSD Misglued Cover Front.jpg
SKD Cover Front with Vinyl.JPG
RSD Cover Back with Vinyl.JPG