Queen Margaret Hall 5-Oct-1984

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In The Dark Night - CD Coverart (front)

An Audience Live Recording from The Sisters of Mercy's concert

at Queen Margaret Hall, Glasgow, Scotland on October 5th, 1984 .

  • Format: data or CD-r (most probably)
  • As this was not intended to ever go on sale, no artwork was included, initially
Someone, however, took the effort to create the coverart presented here,
giving the recording the title In The Dark Night
  • Duration: 74:47 min.
This article is a stub and is in need of expansion

Any further information about taper, equipment, lineage etc should be very welcome.

Btw, there is also a 12" vinyl bootleg titled In The Dark Night, which features a later gig

of The Sisters of Mercy at Tenax, Florence, Italy on 1st May 1985.

In The Dark Night - CD Coverart (back)

Track List

 1. Burn

 2. Heartland

 3. Marian

 4. Alice

 5. No Time To Cry

 6. Emma

 7. A Rock And A Hard Place

 8. Train

 9. Floorshow

10. Walk Away

11. Body Electric

12. Gimme Shelter

13. Ghostrider / Sister Ray