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Nijmegen - Fanbase-produced CD cover (front)

A good quality bootleg that's been circulating among the fanbase for decades,

noteworthy for it's encores: a 9-minute long Sister Ray followed by Fix and then

a 17-minute long (!) medley of Ghostrider/Louie Louie.

Release Notes

  • Origin: possibly a mixing desk recording. However, this was not intended for sale
and is therefore categorised as an audience recording.
  • Thanks to Heartland Forum member James Blast for the cover artwork
(Please click into the pictures for larger views ...)
  • Format: 2CD-r of datafiles in FLAC or MP3
  • Released: unknown


  • Some rather odd "big band" style music is played as an outro.
    It can also be heard as the intro on more complete versions of the gig.
    This intro/outro was used regularly during the 1984 Spring Tour.

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NOTE: This recording is by no means meant for sale!!!

Nijmegen - Fanbase-produced CD cover (inlay)

Track List

CD 1 CD 2
  1.   Burn   1.   Gimme Shelter
  2.   Heartland   2.   Sister Ray
  3.   Body And Soul                                 3.   Fix (no drums)
  4.   Anaconda   4.   Ghostrider/Louie Louie - Medley *
  5.   Walk Away         * at 06:59 Ghostrider changes to Louie Louie
  6.   Emma
  7.   Floorshow
  8.   Adrenochrome
  9.   Alice
10.   Body Electric

Quotes of band/audience interactions audible in this recording

  • "Hello there" (start of gig)
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you... too much cocaine" (after Burn)
  • "Alright, this is called Heartland and it's about amphetamines and cars." (introducing Heartland)
  • "Hold on, there's something important we've got to do.. ... that's for sure... we're going to go home tomorrow so we're not gonna see anybody here tonight, so we're gonna make the most of it." (inbetween Heartland and Body And Soul)
  • "Anaconda!" (audience member after Body And Soul) ... "Alright, calm down, rebel" (after an audience member shouts while some chords are played. Some more chords get played and a woman shouts too) ... "Listen, love, we'll do the show, you just do the clapping" ...(the audience claps) ... "Yeah, that's the idea.. right, I'm going to decide what song to play now."
  • "1969, yeaaah!" (audience member) ... "No, we don't play that anymore.. too old.. and far too drunk. Mostly we're far too old."
  • "Yeah, I'll tell you *cough* Yeah, right, I'll tell you what we will do." ... "Shut up and play!" (audience member shouts, and Gary (or possibly Andrew(!)) plays some notes of 1969)... "Well that's what we WON'T do ... ah ah ah ah ... calm down, calm down! No, this is what we will do." (Gary/Andrew plays a few chords of Emma).
  • "No no no no no no.. No, I'm afraid ... right, yes, see what we're gonna do now is gonna get to be sensitive and things, we're gonna have to ... "sensitive", you know what that means? It means..." (Doktor starts playing).... "Emma." (in between Walk Away and Emma)
  • "Right ... this is called Floorshow ... and for a very good reason!" (introducing Floorshow)
  • "Wild, huh!?" (audience member after Floorshow)... "Yeah."
  • "Well, it's your lot that plays it, my man." (just before Alice, after some chords of Smoke On The Water).
  • "Just gonna tune this guitar up!" (a minute or two after Sister Ray, before Fix) ... "Love for the love and for the genocide" (Andrew messing up a line in Fix)

Additional Pictures

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Nijmegen - CD cover (back)
Nijmegen - CD front inlay (complete)