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16 February 1981, Alcuin College (University of York), England

1980 - the first band logo as on the first single

This was the first show of The Sisters of Mercy - as support act with the Thompson Twins.

According to the official gigography, the concerts were a benefit event for the British CND movement,

i.e. the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. The Sisters' performance was at least partly recorded and so

Good Things, for example, can be found on the Kenny Giles Walks On Water Bootleg.


Two decades later, the 20th Anniversary shows were to take place in the same venue, but had to be moved

to Vanbrugh College as Alcuin was rebuilt. This fact caused many people to think that the first Sisters gig ever,

had taken place at Vanbrugh College as well. Even in the official Sisters' Gigography, the venue is wrong.

Anyway, the 30th Stage Anniversary gigs in 2011 took place at Leeds Metropolitan University, Students Union, The Stage.

For some further information and an entertaining read about this very first known concert of The Sisters of Mercy,

we recommend the entry Review of first ever TSOM gig found ! - York, 16th Feb 1981 in the lovely blog of

I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan.


  1. Teachers - cover original by Leonard Cohen
  2. The Damage Done
  3. Watch
  4. Good Things
  5. Adrenochrome
  6. 1969 - cover origignal by The Stooges
  7. Sister Ray - cover origignal by The Velvet Underground

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