Mon, 14-Mar-1983

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Francs, Colne, England

Francs' Membership Pass/Ticket

There's nothing known about this gig; in all likeliyhood, there was NO concert of The Sisters of Mercy on this day.

Thorough and persistent research from the fanbase have revealed that in order to buy a ticket and attend a concert

with Francs, people would have to become a member of the club. Every visitor of Francs' and band members as well

would have to carry such a membership pass serving also as a ticket with them after signing it on arrival at the venue.

The one you see here on the right side has 14/3/83 as a date on it, maybe the day of issue after pre-order.

Anyway, these modalities could be the reason why a concert of The Sisters of Mercy on March 14th, 1983 was

wrongly perceived to have taken place for a long time.

Fact is, though, that during the Kid Jenson Show on BBC Radio One, which was recorded on 6 March

and first broadcast on 10 March 1983, several then upcoming concerts of The Sisters of Mercy

were mentioned publicly, including the one in Colne at Francs on March 26th.