Mon, 04-Oct-1982

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Info about the Psychedelic Furs gig

Sherry's, Brighton, England

Support act with The Psychedelic Furs

Wooden Advertising Panel from Sherrys

This concert is listed in the official Sisters Gigography.

A recording or any other stuff from the events

was, however, not available for a long time.

So, for your entertainment, we've displayed two artefacts

from the venue here on the right side, ... ;-)...

In 2022, eventually, some accounts of this concert and the

circumstances around it got featured in the lovely blog

I Was A Teenage Sisters Of Mercy Fan under the entry

Sussex and drugs and rock'n'roll, where a few further pictures

can be seen and from where we thankfully snipped the announcement

of the Psychedelic Fur's gig here on the right.


Old Flyer for events at Sherrys


Sadly, the setlist is yet unknown. To all likeliness, it consisted of something like the following tracks:

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