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Live Reading 91 - Box Black Version (front)
Live Reading 91 - Box Black Version (back)
Live Reading 91 - Box White Version (front)

A Bootleg Box Set with a 7" picture EP of the Reading Festival in 1991, most probably based on an Audience Recording.
As far as we know, at least five different audience recordings of this show have been in circulation over the years.

Live Reading 91 - Picture disc (Side A)
  Live Reading 91
- Common versions -

Live Reading 91 - Picture disc (Side B)
  Live Reading 91
  Paper strip
- Misprinted version -

Release Notes

  • Label: Diabolo Records
  • Catalogue#: DR01
  • Format: 7" Vinyl Picture Disc Box
  • Date of Release: 1992


  • 7" picture EP
  • 4 stickers of the head & star logo in yellow, green, red and blue colour.


  • According to Discogs there are two editions of this box set.
  • The first edition comes in a black box with a b/w banderole.
It also has a red sticker on the front, which is hand-numbered up to 500.
  • The second edition comes in either a black or a white box with the same banderole,
but the red sticker is not numbered anymore or even missing.
It is not known how many boxes were made of this edition.
  • Some misprinted versions have also surfaced.
There, a paper strip in the shape of the banderole is glued onto the cardboard box.
The printing and arrangement is very similar, but the title of the EP is misspelt as "Reding '91"
The red sticker is missing and the numbering appears handwritten on the paper strip.
  • The contents of all these boxes are identical.
"Misprinted" version with paper strip

Oddities of this Release

  • All over the box set the article of the band's name is omitted.
  • The EP title is misspelt on the picture disc as "Live Reding 1991".
  • The name of Andrew Eldritch on the poster is completely wrong spelt "Endrew Eldrich".
  • On top of that, the photo used for the poster was not taken at Reading Festival 1991,
but in Bremen 1984 and is a detail of one of the pictures in this collection.
  • Also, the images on the postcards and the one from the picture disc are definitely not
from Reading Festival. (Andrew Eldritch had a short hair cut then.)
  • The head and star logo on the stickers and on the banderole is mirror-inverted.

  • The most remarkable characteristics of this release is, however,
the version of He's Got The Whole World In His Hands,
which was only performed once in Sisters History - here, at this festival.

Some more information about "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" can be found in the song's page.

Track List

Side A Side B
A1   He's Got The Whole World In His Hands                  4:47                                  B1   Ribbons                  5:26
A2   1969 2:45 B2   Alice 5:30

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Additional Pictures

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Live Reading 91 - Sticker
Live Reading 91 - Sticker
Live Reading 91 - Sticker
Live Reading 91 - Sticker
Live Reading 91 - Poster
Live Reading 91 - Postcard 1
Live Reading 91 - Postcard 2
Live Reading 91 - Postcard 3
Live Reading 91 - Postcard 4