Les Docks Lausanne 2011 (DVD)

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Les Docks Lausanne 2011 - DVD Cover art (complete)
Les Docks Lausanne 2011 - DVD Lightscribe

A video DVD from Part II of The Sisters of Mercy's XXX 30th Stage Anniversary Tour in 2011/2012

Recording Notes Remarks
 •  Taper: lasyboylive  •  Coverart by lasyboylive
 •  Format: DVD (4.19go)  •  To find out more about this DVD, please check
 •  Video & Audio Equipment:     lasyboylive/Les Docks Lausanne 2016
    - Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ20              
    - Iriver HP120 (Rockbox)(Wave/44.1Khz/16Bit)              •  Sources:
 •  Micro: Sony ECM-719     This DVD is a full live video recording of the show at
 •  Video Editing: lasyboylive      Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland, 24.11.2011
   --> Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 13.0                            and includes four bonus tracks from
   --> TMPGEncAuthoringWorks4      La Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand, France, 29.11.2011
 •  Released: 2016      You might like to watch the main part here on YT.

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Various audience audio CDs from these concerts do exist as well, see

Track List

The Sisters of Mercy live @Les Docks, Lausanne, 24.11.2011
 1.  Intro: Afterhours First Encore
 2.  Crash And Burn 16.  Something Fast
 3.  Ribbons 17.  Top Nite Out
 4.  First And Last And Always 18.  More
 5.  Train / Detonation Boulevard 19.  Lucretia, My Reflection
 6.  Alice
 7.  Marian Second Encore
 8.  Arms 20.  Vision Thing
 9.  Dominion / Mother Russia 21.  Temple Of Love
10.  Summer
11.  On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire                                 Bonus Tracks
12.  No Time To Cry  1.  Crash And Burn
13.  This Corrosion  2.  Ribbons
14.  Flood II  3.  First And Last And Always
15.  Never Land  4.  Train (cut)