Jamais Seul

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Jamais Seul- Live DVD (overview)

A video-DVD from the European leg of the Mechanised Tour in 2009.

Release Notes

  • Taper:
Audio and Video Recording: doctoravalanche
  • Format: Data or Video DVD
  • Lineage/Gear: unknown
  • Circulated: 2009


  • Photos by doctoravalanche
  • Back Cover Notes:
This DVD is for free only! Don't sell it, don't buy it!!!
  • The recording is incomplete and missing the second encore.


EBay Forbidden text.jpg


  • Andrew Eldritch - vocals
  • Chris Catalyst - guitars
  • Ben Christo - guitars
  • Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass
  • Si Denbigh - nurse

Jamais Seul- DVD Cover (front)
Jamais Seul- DVD Cover (back)


Additional Pictures

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Jamais Seul- DVD Cover (complete)
Jamais Seul - DVD Disc