I Was Wrong (promo)

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I Was Wrong - Interview Promo Disc cover (front)

A promotional interview CD from the 1990ies ...

Release Notes

  • Label: Elektra Records
  • Catalogue#: PRCD 8412-2
  • Format: CD
  • Time of Release: 1991 (USA)


  • Apart from the track listing, the back cover notes: Tune In, Turn On, Burn Out ... Vision Thing Tour 91
  • The front cover shows a b/w-picture of Andrew Eldritch
    with a light flash behind him. This pictures was also used for a promo postcard at the time.
  • The inside of the front inlay lists the individual tour dates.
EastWest - Promo Postcard 6/92

I Was Wrong - Interview Promo Disc cover (back)

Track List

I Was Wrong   3:12
Andrew Eldritch talks with Danny Fields          32:52
I Was Wrong    (American Fade)   6:03

Interview Topics

I Was Wrong - Interview Promo Disc in Tray
  • Talks about the appeal of the US
    - San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, New York
  • Goth tag, what does it mean ...
  • Working from Leeds - London scene
  • Levels of relationship with record companies
  • Developments in music industry
  • Ribbons - meaning and video representation
  • Amount of smoke on stage - Live representation
  • Life on the road, getting on within the band while on tour, meeting fans ./. crowds
  • Band popularity - playing clubs ./. stadiums
  • Normal life after tours
  • Music critics
  • Political influence through records & music, functions of TV & music
  • Personal interests

Additional Pictures

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I Was Wrong - Interview CD (Tour Date List)
I Was Wrong - Interview Promo Disc - View of inside the jewel case