Good Things (DVD)

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Suikerrock Good Things - DVD cover

A fanbase-produced DVD-video

from The Sisters of Mercy's Summer Festivals in 2008.

Release Notes

  • Label: Fanbase Production
  • Recorded, mixed and authored by Jan Sommer
  • Lineage:
    - Video: Canon HF100
    - Audio: Church CA11 Mics and HiMD Recorder
    - Edits: Adobe Audition and Sony Vegas
  • Final Video Data:
    - PAL 16:9 / 9500 kb/s
    - Dolby Digital Stereo 48 KHz / 448 kb/s


  • Brilliant sound and video quality of an astonishing concert
  • Two fanbase-produced versions of cover art
    with a different layout and format exist:
    - Suikerrock Good Things (here on the right)
    - and The Good Things (picture below)
  • Suikerrock Good Things cover art by Wrecker aka MrBlonde.
  • Cover art for The Good Things thanks to Yggdrasil
  • Photos by Koen Rondelez and Olivier Van Acker

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  • This audience video DVD is in circulation among the fanbase.
    If you want it, check in on Heartland Forums, introduce yourself,
    ask nicely and there should be no problem!

Track List

  • Intro
    The Good Things - 2nd cover art for this video DVD