Fighting Cocks, Birmingham

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Audience Live Recording of The Sisters of Mercy's gig on January 21, 1983 at the Fighting Cocks in Birmingham.

Birmingham Fighting Cocks 21-01-83 - Trading Tape (overview)

Release Notes

  • Taper: Kendrick
  • Format: C90 tape (here: Side B)
Nowadays, recordings as such are mostly circulated in data or CD-r formats,
while in the "olden days" they were traded and collected on cassette tapes
as the one pictured here, often filling only one side or a part of the tape.
  • Duration: 45:05 min.


  • Good to very good sound quality
  • This is the only known recording from that concert.
  • As this was not intended to ever go on sale, no artwork is included

Tape Insert with Track List from another cassette


  1. Kiss The Carpet

  2. Floorshow

  3. Watch

  4. Adrenochrome

Birmingham Fighting Cocks 21-01-83 - Tape (Side B)

  5. Alice

  6. Valentine

  7. Anaconda

  8. Body Electric

  9. 1969

 10. Sister Ray

Any further information on this or other recordings from The Sisters gig

at Fighting Cocks, Birmingham on 21st January 1983 is very welcome.