Exile On Euphoria

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Front Cover

Release Notes / Source


  • A good quality bootleg, crowd noise is quite loud, but the Sisters are louder.
  • The last three tracks on this bootleg are marked with an asterisk and were not performed on that day.
    The cover specifies them as "Live From England Tour 2001". But in 2001, Bei Mir Bist Du Schön was
    not performed at all. Most likely, these recordings are from The Sisters' gig on the evening before,
    September 5, 2000
    at the same venue. In this regard see also Trip The Light, a limited-edition bootleg
    with identical tracks.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Exile On Euphoria.

Back Cover

Track List

CD 1 CD 2
  1.   Intro (some fast techno music)   1.   Romeo Down
  2.   First And Last And Always   2.   Giving Ground
  3.   Train / Detonation Boulevard   3.   War On Drugs
  4.   Ribbons   4.   This Corrosion
  5.   Crash And Burn   5.   Flood II
  6.   Summer   6.   Something Fast
  7.   Amphetamine Logic   7.   Top Nite Out *
  8.   Will I Dream?   8.   Vision Thing
  9.   Temple Of Love   9.   Anaconda
10.   On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire                 10.   Alice
11.   We Are The Same, Susanne 11.   Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
12.   Dominion/Mother Russia

* The setlist had this down as "Numbers Called", the CD artwork calls it "Snub Nose"

Eldritch Quotes from during the concert

  • "So whadd'ya think?" (introducing Train/Detonation Boulevard)
  • "Have you eaten? Have you slept?" (before Ribbons)
  • "This is called Summer.. cause we're that kind of people." (introducing Summer)
  • "You know ... (???) said yesterday, said we're gonna stick in [a couple of filler numbers?] for you,
to make it easier.. I'm gonna do this set in English.. for a change" (introducing Amphetamine Logic)