Clash Of Dreams

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Clash Of Dreams - Cover to be ...

Debut 6-track mini album of the band Salvation, produced and recorded by Andrew Eldritch at Strawberry Studios, Stockport.

The release was, however, unfortunately shelved and the album remains unavailable to this day.

Clash Of Dreams

  • Catalogue Number: MR 031
  • Date of Release: was scheduled for release in March 1985

October 4, 2011 - EDIT:
Clash Of Dreams can currently be listened to online under this pretty link or directly here...


For a complete biography and current developments of the band see Salvation HQ ...

Track List

  • 01. The October Hour
  • 02. Clash Of Dreams
  • 03. Jessica's Crime
  • 04. Burning On
  • 05. No Return
  • 06. Sea of Dreams


  • Daniel Mass - Vocals
  • Mike Hayes - Guitar
  • James Elmore - Bass