Bradford Manhattan 04-01-83

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Bradford Manhattan 04-01-83
- one of many trading Cassette (front)

Release Notes
The cassette on the right side looks like another (incomplete) audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's performance
at The Manhattan in Bradford on 3rd January 1983, but we won't guarantee.

A likewise incomplete recording is available on the Rough Diamonds LP, and rips of the latter are widely spread.
Maybe the source used for that vinyl is the same as used for the cassette tape here ... but more likely it's just
the other way round and the present cassette is only another rip.

  • Taper: - unknown -
  • Format: cassette tape - nowadays, such recordings are mostly spread among the fanbase in data formats
  • Duration: 22:27 min.
  • Sound Quality: very good sound quality


  • Various tapes exist, most are incomplete and missing Body Electric.
The Ultimatesistersguide even mentions 1969 being played afterwards,
which, in fact, is wrong.
  • The pictures here are from a more recent trading cassette, which also features two tracks
allegedly from Hull, Dingwalls, 31 March 1983 - just like the Rough Diamonds LP
  • The photo used for the insert front is clearly NOT from this concert or that time.
The same picture - though in better quality - can also be found on the Victims Of Circumstance CD.

Bradford Manhattan 04-01-83 - Trading Cassette (recording incomplete)
- View of Inlay (inner side) and Tape (here: C90)


Forturnately, a complete recording from the concert has meanwhile surfaced as well.

Any further information on the present or other recordings from

Bradford Manhattan 03-01-1983 should be very welcome.

Track List