Ancienne Belgique 21rst February 2011 (Multicam DVD)

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Ancienne Belgique, 21rst February 2011 - DVD Cover (complete)

A multicam audience video recording from

The Sisters of Mercy's XXX-Tour in 2011

celebrating their 30th Stage Anniversary.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: lasyboy / Cyberbio
  • Format: DVD (6.76go)
  • Video Editing: lasyboylive
    -->Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0
    --> DVD Architect Pro 5.0
  • Audio Matrix :
    Lasyboylive 1: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ8
    Lasyboylive 2: Iriver HP120 (Rockbox) (Wave/44.1Khz/16Bit)
    Micro: Sony ECM-719
    Cyberbio: unknown gear
  • Released: January 2014


  • Cover art and video editing by lasyboylive
  • Very good sound and video quality

Find out more about this release and check

lasyboylive/Ancienne Belgique or

watch the full show here on YouTube...

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                  Recorded live at Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium on 21.02.2011

AB, February 21rst 2011 - Multicam DVD Lightscribe

Track List

 1.  Lucretia, My Reflection 14.  We Are The Same, Susanne
 2.  Ribbons 15.  Never Land
 3.  Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard                                      16.  Flood II
 4.  Will I Dream?
 5.  Crash And Burn First Encore
 6.  Marian 17.  More
 7.  Giving Ground 18.  Temple Of Love
 8.  Arms
 9.  Dominion/Mother Russia Second Encore
10.  Summer 19.  First And Last And Always
11.  Alice 20.  Pipeline
12.  Anaconda 21.  Vision Thing
13.  Gift That Shines