Afterhours (bootleg)

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Afterhours - First edition, plain white labels

A 12" vinyl bootleg from the 1980ies featuring demos as well as live material.

Afterhours - Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: Arche Noire Records
  • Catalog#: BT 7 / DT 7
  • Format: Vinyl, LP
  • Released: 1986 (Germany)


  • Distributed in 2 editions,
    - BT 7 (first edition) and
    - DT7 (second edition)
  • The first edition comes in semi-matt, non-glossy, structured cover-sleeve
    and with a better sound quality.
  • Most labels of the first edition are plain white.
  • Cover Notes:
    - Arche Noire Records 666
    - Made in the Funeral Republic of Germoney 1986
  • Total running time is over 40 minutes

Afterhours - 12" cover (back)


Side A - Demos

  • A1: Long Train (flexi-disc version)
  • A2 and A3: regular album and 12" versions
  • A1 to A3 are listed as Demo Tapes 1984,
    but they are the official recordings with a lower sound quality.


but only as a short instrumental intro to Ghostrider.
Instead, Knockin' On Heaven's Door is played twice.

Afterhours - printed labels

Track List

Side A - Demos

Side B - Live (Medley)

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Additional Pictures

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Afterhours - printed label A
Afterhours - printed label B
Afterhours - more like glossy cover of second edition