Wed, 22-Mar-2006

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Tour Logo 2006

Warfield Theater, San Francisco, USA

Part of the US-leg of the Sisters Bite The Silver Bullet Tour in 2006

One day earlier two updates of announcements were published on the Live News page of The Sisters very own website:

[March 21] :
The Warlocks' own circumstances require them to miss four dates,
but the mighty Rob Dickinson has graciously agreed to take over
from them in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and Vancouver.

as well as:

[March 21] :
Very Special Bandmember on Oxycocet: Andrew cracked a rib
in Canada. He might be jumping around a little less than usual,
but our schedule will not be affected unless someone gives him
a big hug. So our schedule will not be affected.

Some basic information on Rob Dickinson can be found for example @wikipedia and @discogs.

For reviews, photos and everything about The Sisters performance, please check the according thread @The Heartland Forums Archives.

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First Encore

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