Thu, 31-Mar-1983

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Dingwalls, Hull, England

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's 1983 Spring Tour.

Decade-long research has now revealed that all recorded 31.03.83 audio material

in circulation is actually from Fri, 01-Apr-1983: Glasgow - Scotland - Night Moves.

The tracks Jolene and Lights are listed on the back cover of the Rough Diamonds

bootleg as Side 2, Tracks 3-4. This is wrong.

Both these tracks, too, are from the gig at Glasgow, Night Moves.

As a matter of fact, we cannot be 100% sure, that this concert took place, actually.

Although some more evidence has been retrieved by the wonderful and very interesting blog

I Was A Teenage Sisters ff Mercy Fan under Double Hull,

... from where we also snipped the news ad here on the left.

Any further information or pictures are very welcome.


- unknown -

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