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The Mekons in the early days of Leeds

The Mekons are a British rock band formed in the incendiary atmosphere of Leeds' 1977 race riots by a group of University of Leeds art students, among others Jon Langford.

They are one of the longest-running and most prolific bands of first-wave British punk rock and nowadays often described as a post-punk, cowpunk and/or alt country band.

Check out, for a good example, this biography taken from Rough Guide to Rock...

In the early days, Jon Langford stepped in for a few live gigs on bass with The Sisters of Mercy.

The Mekons Story Excerpt.jpg

Rumour has it that the lyrics to The Mekons song Prince Of Darkness from their 1987 album
The Mekons Honky Tonkin' referred to Andrew Eldritch:

Prince Of Darkness

He is the Prince of Darkness
he holds old friends in such high esteem
he sees a red town and wants it painted black
For the Catholic girls at Halloween

Well you know he said to me "I've waited seven years
And I am a very patient man
After all those things that we've gone and done
still need someone to tell

His pleasures were a mystery to us all
You'd never see him out after dawn
In a German sea-port town
He takes coffee in the red-light
And now he is the Prince of Darkness

The chords to this song can be found under this link... (scroll).

For additional information, please check the quite interesting article at wikipedia

and above all of Club Mekon, a very comprehensive official fan-run website... just brillant!!! ...

from which we also have, err, recovered the lovely excerpt of the comic right here ...

Plenty videos of Mekons stuff from all eras can also be found on YouTube...