The Damage Done - Adrenochrome

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The Damage Done - Adrenochrome - Cover (front)
The Damage Done - Adrenochrome - Cover (back)

A double 7" bootleg single from the later 1980ies featuring the first two singles of The Sisters of Mercy.

The outro-track Home Of The Hit-Men is, however, omitted from Record One.

Release Notes

  • Label: 12 Tracks Records
  • Catalogue#s: 712TR01 / 712TR02
  • Format: 2 × 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1987 (UK)


  • The cover consists of a folded square thick paper half of which unfolds into a poster of Andrew Eldritch,
while the other half makes the actual single cover. The unfolded back of this poster is unprinted and plain white.
  • According to disogs, some copies have "Body Electric" labels on both sides of record 2.
No evidence for this has yet been found.
It was issued, however, under the different label Primary, while its entire look is almost identical to the present one.
Also, the Primary edition was released with either a pink or a blue cover,
and it is not known to-date whether this was also the case for The Damage Done - Adrenochrome.
  • Record Two of the present bootleg has also been seen as a single release with a very different cover,
but with identical labels, see Body Electric - Adrenochrome


  • Both original singles were out of sale by the time of the present release.

The Damage Done - Adrenochrome - Inner Poster (half unfolded cover)

Track Lists

Record One

SIDE ONE              The Damage Done
SIDE TWO              Watch

Record Two

SIDE ONE              Adrenochrome
SIDE TWO              Body Electric

Additional Pictures

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The Damage Done - Adrenochrome
- The fully unfolded cover (printed front side)
The Damage Done - Adrenochrome
- Both singles in sleeves (Side One)
The Damage Done - Adrenochrome
- Both singles in sleeves (Side Two)