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Effenaar Logo.JPG

Effenaar, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The EFFENAAR in Eindhoven - Entrance Area

The second concert in The Netherlands scheduled for 2024.
The Sisters once played here before, almost 40 years ago in August 1983 during their famous Trans-Europe Excess Tour.

This time, they brought with them The Virginmarys to open the show. And they did.

Unfortunately, Andrew Eldritch was too ill again to perform. And The Sisters show had to be cancelled

The venue announced later on their website:
Please note: It just turned out that The Sisters Of Mercy's frontman was too sick to play the show. We will talk to management tomorrow to find a replacement date. Ticket buyers will be notified about this in the course of this week.

Read more about these events and keep yourself updated here in this thread @The Heartland Forums

NOTE: The concert is now rescheduled to Monday, 10 June 2024.

Band / Line-up

  • Kai - guitars, backing vocals

All the best for a thorough recovery to Andrew Eldritch from here. Take good care.

Some videos from The Virginmarys with many thanks to Jan
The Virginmarys are also planned to appear as special guests to the rescheduled gig on June 10th, 2024.

The Virginmarys, 28 January 2024 - The Meds
The Virginmarys, 28 January 2024 - Look Out For My Brother