Suffer In Vain

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Suffer In Vain - CD Cover Front Inlay (inner side)
Suffer In Vain - CD Cover Front Inlay (outer side)

A CD-bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's stops in Chicago during their 1991 US-Tours Tour Thing II and Tune In - Turn On - Load Out

Accordingly, the subtitle of this CD-release

as mentioned on the disc is

Sisters of Mercy - Live in Chicago 1991

Release Notes

  • Label: Poetry In Motion
  • Catalogue#:POET 9215
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1992 (Italy)


  • This bootleg CD has been seen with, what appeared to be two different cover versions
(see the pictures left and right above), but this is only due to the fact, that people
turned the inner side of the front inlay to the outside because they just preferred
that picture, maybe for better recognition, as that theme is also used on the disc itself.
  • The origin of the recording is as yet unclear, see below.

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/suffer in vainh

Track List


Suffer In Vain - CD Cover Inlay (back)

  CD Track List         Duration        
   1  First And Last And Always      3:55
   2  Lucretia, My Reflection      5:01
   3  Body And Soul      3:20
   4  Ribbons      3:52
   5  Alice      3:25
   6  Domninion / Mother Russia      7:24
   7  Amphetamine Logic      4:02
   8  Detonation Boulevard      3:37
   9  Marian      4:31
  10  Stop Draggin' My Heart Around                          3:03
  11  Gimme Shelter      5:56
  12  Flood II      5:10
  13  Temple Of Love      8:21
  14  This Corrosion      7:53

Additional Pictures

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Suffer In Vain - Disc with reversed front inlay in jewel case
Suffer In Vain - - Disc with Cover (front) in jewel case
Suffer In Vain - Tray with Disc and Inlay
Suffer In Vain - CD Cover (back)