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White Light White Heat Cover

Sister Ray is originally be The Velvet Underground, appearing on their album White Light/White Heat.

The track was also covered by (among others) Joy Division on their album Still.

The Sisters of Mercy covered this song already during their first known gig at Alquin College, York on February 16th, 1981

and later often used it in medleys together with Ghostrider, Louie Louie, or both.

A famous combination of Sister Ray / Louie Louie / Ghostrider / was played at Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL in August 1983.

A bootleg titled Sister Ray with various live recordings from the 1980ies does exist as well,

but does not feature a Sisters cover version of this song.

The Sisters of Mercy - Sister Ray / Louie Louie / Ghostrider - Amsterdam Paradiso 28 08 83


Duck and Sally inside
They're cooking for the Down Five
Who's staring at Miss Rayon
Who's busy looking up her Pig Pen

I'm searching for my mainline
I said I couldn't hit it sideways
I couldn't hit it sideways
Just like Sister Ray said

Rosie and Miss Rayon
They're busy waiting for her Brewster
Who just got back from Carolina
She said she didn't like the weather

They're busy waiting for her sailor
Just dressed in pink and leather
He said he's here from Alabama
He wants to know the way to earn a dollar

The Sisters of Mercy - Ghostrider / Sister Ray - Amsterdam Melkweg 02 06 84

Cecil's got his new piece
He cocks and shoots it between 3:00 and 4:00
He aims it at the sailor
Shoots him down dead on the floor

Ah, you shouldn't do that
Don't you know you'll stain the carpet
Don't you know you'll stain the carpet
By the way, have you got a dollar?

No I haven't got the time time
She's too busy sucking on my ding-dong
She's too busy sucking on my ding-dong
She does it just like Sister Ray said

Now who is that knocking
Who's knocking at my chamber door
Now could it be the police?
They're gonna take you for a ride ride

Music: John Cale, Sterling Morrison, Maureen Tucker, Lou Reed / Lyrics: Lou Reed
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.