Sat, 23-Apr-1983

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Announcement for the gig at Dingwalls, Sheffield

Technical College, Peterborough, England

Press Announcement

Part of the UK Spring Tour in 1983

Also performing: Demons of Youth aka Destructor and Xpozez

As the announcement on the right hand side shows, this gig was originally

scheduled for Dingwalls in Sheffield as support act with Gun Club

- like most of the 1983-Spring Tour shows.

You definitely shouldn't miss reading everything about this extraordinary gig

in the most wonderful blog "I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan"

at Sisters XXXV The greatest gig ever ?

An audience audio recording from this concert does exist and is in circulation among the fanbase...

Various video recordings, none of them complete, do exist as well, see for example this list.


The Sisters of Mercy - Peterborough, 23.04.1983 (incomplete - Burn to Sister Ray)


  *  Kiss The Carpet

The Sisters of Mercy - Floorshow - 23.04.1983
(way better audio only version)

  *  Alice

  *  Anaconda

  *  Burn

  *  Heartland

  *  Valentine

  *  Jolene

  *  Adrenochrome

  *  Floorshow

  *  Body Electric

  *  Gimme Shelter

  *  Sister Ray